Artists Daniel Dewar and Grégory Gicquel continuously dissect and reconstruct the medium of sculpture through their iconoclastic practice. With great wit and a bold visual language they traverse the aesthetic registers of sixteenth century pastoral and "brutalist rustic", to create a series of sculptures that explore the tensions and interrelations between nature and culture, animal and human, material and form. The text ‘Eupalinos, or the Architect’ by French poet Paul Valéry, commissioned as an introduction to Architectures (1921), runs in parallel to their approach to Witte de With’s Para | Fictions commission. This fictive text plays out a conversation between Socrates and Phaedrus on the potential of immersive architecture and finished form, most especially the idea that through construction the maker and the object being made are indivisible; almost a phantom limb. Emphasizing the dialogic in creation and critique – a process inherent to the duo’s own sculptural practice – the text could be read as a manifesto of the pair’s sculptural process.

—Supported by

AMMODO, Institut français des Pays-Bas