Witte de With Contemporary Art

Under a rotating directorship every three to six years with a dynamic team, Witte de With renews itself continuously and is able to closely follow emerging artistic practices and related fields of interest. Witte de With has served as a springboard not only to many now renowned contemporary artists who found early exposure here but also to a professional career for many curators, critics, scholars, educators and others in the field of culture such as press and fundraising.

In succession, the directors Chris Dercon from 1990 to 1995, Bartomeu Marí from 1996 to 2001, Catherine David from 2002 to 2004, Hans Maarten van den Brink interim director from May 2004 to April 2006, Nicolaus Schafhausen from 2006 to 2011 and Defne Ayas from 2012 to 2017, were given the opportunity to make their personal mark on the program. In January 2018, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy became director of Witte de With.

Previous alumni of Witte de With staff include: Anke Bangma (artistic director TENT, Rotterdam); Valentijn Bijvanck (director Marres, Centre for Contemporary Culture ); Tanja Elstgeest (business and artistic director Productiehuis Rotterdam); Amira Gad (curator at Serpentine Galleries, London); Juan Andrés Gaitán (director Museo Rufino Tamayo); Nathalie Hartjes (director at Showroom MAMA, Rotterdam); Bart van der Heide (chief curator of Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam); Monika Szewczyk (director De Appel, Amsterdam); Ariadne Urlus (business leader If I Can't Dance, Amsterdam) and Rutger Wolfson (former director of International Film Festival Rotterdam).

Witte de With adheres to the Governance Code Cultuur.

Karla Hijnosa (Curatorial)


Marjolijn Kok

Frank van Balen

Installation Team
Ties Ten Bosch, Jonathan den Breejen, Carlo van Driel, Chris van Mulligen, Hans Tutert and Ruben van de Velde.

Reception Desk
Remty Elenga, Marguerite de Geus, Gyonne Goedhoop, Rabin Huissen, Anita Hrnić, Jasmijn Krol, Annelotte Vos, Gino van Weenen and Gijsbert van der Wilt.

Art Mediators
Veronika Babayan, Lisa Diederik, Femke Gerestein, Fien de Graaf, Emmelie Mijs, Maxime Osseman, Germa Roos, Bram Verhoef, Gino van Weenen, Roos Wijma and Lesley Wijnands.

Myriam Vandi

Staff Portraits by
Kimberly Dias Vicente


Business Advice

  • Chris de Jong
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Deputy Director
Paul van Gennip
Associate Director Education & Public Affairs
Yoeri Meessen
Associate Curator
Rosa de Graaf
Curator Collective Learning
Jessy Koeiman
Executive Assistant
Angélique Kool
PR & Social Media Editor
Jeroen Lavèn
Curator of Academic and Public Programs
Docus van der Made
Office Manager
Gerda Brust
Production Officer
Wendy van Slagmaat-Bos
Senior Technical Supervisor
line kramer
Educatie Assistent / Art Mediator
Emmelie Mijs
Financial administrator
Rachel Carey
Books & Library Assistant
Erik Visser
Gallery Attendant
Erwin Nederhoff