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Docus van der Made
Education Assistant

Docus van der Made (NL) is Education Assistant at Witte de With since 2015. He holds an MA in Art History: Modern and Contemporary Art (cum laude) from the VU University Amsterdam, and a BA in Arts, Culture and Media at the RUG, Groningen. He also works as coordinator of The Prize for Young Dutch Art Criticism, a biannual prize for a new generation of art critics and essayists in the Dutch-Flemish language region.

Before joining Witte de With, he worked as a freelance curator, with exhibitions at amongst other places Locatie Z, The Hague and the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Also, he was coordinator of the third edition of contemporary art festival Haarlemse Lente (2014), junior project leader at Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, and (chief) editor for Kunstlicht, academic journal for visual art, visual culture and architecture.