Assemblies: 4 events and 4 essays

In the frame of 2017 Witte de With Curatorial Fellowship, Council will initiate Assemblies, an inquiry curated by Grégory Castéra, in collaboration with Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey and Sandra Terdjman.

1: The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra: Conference - Assemblies

Participants: Grégory Castéra and Milad Doueihi
Saturday 22 April 2017, 4:30 - 6:30 pm
Location: Witte de With, auditorium
Language: English

Assemblies is the first event organized by Council in the frame of 2017 Witte de With Curatorial Fellowship. Assembly is a long-term inquiry that investigates how the way people gather shapes their thinking and actions. The inquiry collects cases (historical or contemporary, fictional or real) where assembly can be approached as a practice that stimulates critical thinking, political imaginary and production of objectivity as well as the creation of forms of spoken words, architecture and choreography. In an attempt to study, compare, experiment and formalize different experiences, protocols and ethics of assembly, Assembly tends to open a space to think and experiment assembly making in the crossing of sciences, arts and politics.

Conceived in dialogue with Eric Baudelaire, the event reacts to one the artist’s statement in reference to Pierre Zaoui for his movie Also Known as Jihadi (101 min., 2016): “I want to make a film that affirms the position of trying (not) to understand the Jihadi”. Implementing a cinematic approach called “landscape theory”, the movie attempts to trace the route of a young man native from Val-de-Marne who went to Syria in 2012, eventually joined the rank of the Islamic state and is currently serving a nine-year sentence.

Starting from the use of a maritime metaphor to describe the Internet, Milad Doueihi will investigate the mutations of the forms of spatial, religious and legal organisation in digital space, and its consequences for the individual and collective representation. Milad Doueihi’s talk will be introduced by Grégory Castéra.

Assemblies is curated by Council (Grégory Castéra in collaboration with Francesca Bertolotti-Bailey and Sandra Terdjman). Council is an institution that researches, produces and supports artists and projects that endeavour to renew the representation of societal issues.