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Roland van Dierendonck
Roland van Dierendonck

Roland van Dierendonck is a creative interdisciplinary researcher and artist working on the intersection of life sciences, art, technology and education. Through a series of often collaborative projects he pursued his fascinations, including making robots that create emergent patterns,documenting mash-ups and authenticity, and utilizing biological unpredictability for interactive games.

Currently he is founding Amsterdam Biolabs, a collaborative biobaselocated at A Lab, focusing on curiosity-driven research and invention involving the live sciences, while bringing together changemakers and society. He also directs the BioHack Academy at Waag, and coordinates the global network around it. At the Utrecht University of the Arts he helped set up the Biospace and teached bio-related seminars and skillslabs.

Roland has a background in Biology and holds a MSc. in Media Technology from Leiden University.