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Priscilla Motman
Priscilla Motman

"The longest journey in life is the journey to yourself"

This journey began 32 years ago, for Pricilla Motman. Through creativity she discovered very young that she could create a reality in which she could be happy and free.

What started with Afro-dance and Kemetic womb yoga in 2013 brought Pricilla closer to its core.
Afrobalance has been eradicated into MAWUMB, an embodiment of the feminine essence from its Roots.
MAWUMB- is Ancestral healing.
Where Pricilla began to live the cultural heritage of her ancestors from Suriname in her growing up as an 8-year-old girl and now passing it on.

Pricilla her life experiences has become her life's work.
This process has brought her to the deeper meaning of Inspiration and the light in spirituality.
With MAWUMB she inspires women to regain control over the self-healing capacity of their own body with the womb as their starting point. Where women get the opportunity to come into contact with their bodies wisdom and their own voice for healing. She does this through: Ayida abdominal massages / 1 in 1 WOMB Yoga sessions / Herbal advice and supplements / Nutrition and Catering / 1 in 1 WOMB Convo's / and more….