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New Urban Collective
New Urban Collective

New Urban Collective (N.U.C.) is an association of students and young professionals with the mission to empower young people with ethnic minority backgrounds. N.U.C. aims to strengthen the position of these young people by stimulating their personal development, raising their self-awareness and advocating on their behalf. They organize symposia, conferences, debates and mentoring programs in the area of education, career, cultural diversity and anti-racism.

Jessica de Abreu (1989, NL) graduated from the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology at VU University Amsterdam. Her passionate commitment to the field of African Diaspora led to researches on upward social mobility in New York, Amsterdam and London. From a young age, she has been regularly involved (in filming) at various political, social and cultural organizations that empower multicultural communities by creating self-awareness and encourage critical thinking. She recently graduated from the department of Culture, Organization and Management at VU University Amsterdam, where her research focused on social entrepreneurship in Black British communities from a postcolonial perspective.

Mitchell Esajas (1988, NL) is co-founder and chairman of New Urban Collective. He is a social entrepreneur involved in various community projects in the areas of education, employment, diversity and sustainability. One of the projects is the Black Archives, an archive in Amsterdam consisting of more than 3000 unique books, documents and artefacts about the black presence and resistance in the Netherlands. Mitchell studied Business Studies and Anthropology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He currently works part time as a study advisor in Anthropology and program manager of the masters Medical Anthropology and Sociology at the University of Amsterdam.