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Club Moral
Club Moral

Club Moral was founded by Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven and Danny Devos in Antwerp on January 1st, 1981.
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven (b. Antwerp, 1951) has been prolific in her output of drawings, other works on paper and synthetic material, as well as short videos and computer animations, since the late nineteen seventies. A straightforward tone pervades in all her work, in which the erotic meets machine-fetishism. Text has always featured alongside images, underlining the message of Van Kerckhoven’s proud, sometimes exhibitionist female figures like song-lyrics. She is fascinated by the kinetic power of every language. Her work connects different knowledge systems, investigates the areas of the subconscious, and looks at moral aberrations from a female point of view. She works with Zeno X Gallery, Antwerpen and Galerie Barbara Thumm, Berlin. During the last 30 years her work has been shown in Europe, Asia, and the USA, here she also lectured and performed. In 2008 she had an expo in Wiels Brussels, Kunstmuseum Luzern (CH) and Manifesta (It). In 2009 in Kunsthalle Nurnberg (D) and Carquefou Nantes (F). More recently inThe Renaissance Society in Chicago, USA (2011) and Mu.ZEE in Oostende, Belgium (2012).
Danny de Vos (b. Vilvoorde, 1959) Since 1979: one hundred and sixty performances in forty-six cities in twelve countries; twenty-three personal exhibitions in thirteen cities in seven countries; one hundred group exhibitions in thirty cities in nine countries; two hundred twenty-nine articles in seventy-four magazines and newspapers; fifty-nine catalogues by forty-seven publishers; twenty-three projects on clubmoral.com; full catalogue on performan.org; thirty-six videos on YouTube.com; sixteen dj-sets on podomatic.com; seven hundred and thirty posts on wheniwasbuyingyouadrinkwherewereyou.blogspot.com; five hundred and fifty-five posts on theyeshavit.blogspot.com; two hundred and forty-six posts on theartistsbookshelf.blogspot.com; two hundred and eleven posts on onkawaraisnotdead.blogspot.com; thirty-three posts on stakeholderddv.blogspot.com; four pages and three applications on facebook.com; one email address.