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Biography CAC TV (Vilnius, Lithuania)
So far, Andy Warhol is the only American artist who has had his own television show on a commercial channel. Today, the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius is probably the only institution in the world that has been given an opportunity by a commercial channel to make and broadcast its own program. The staff of Haute Couture Industry could not resist such an offer. Only television sceptics could set to work so enthusiastically, distorting and reinventing genres. The CAC TV Team, consisting on this occasion of Virginija Januskeviciute, Valentinas Klimasauskas, Aurelija Maknyte and Raimundas Malasauskas, chose the most applicable and most open methods of television making to protest against the old-fashioned and outmoded principle of “artists for artists about art.”
CAC TV has a variety of aims, including to create a television genre that did not yet exist on Lithuanian television, encouraging critical skills in the viewer, deconstructing the foundations of intellectual infotainment, and exploring the field of open-source (reality) programming and self-regulation. For this, CAC TV borrowed from a reality-meta-show genre, with as motto: “Each program is a pilot. Each program is the last. The content of each program is the making of that program.” In Rotterdam, the notion of “television as a game” is the starting point for a new episode.