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Baldvin Einarsson
Baldvin Einarsson

Baldvin Einarsson was born in 1985 in Iceland, and received his bachelor degree from the Iceland Academy of the Arts (L.H.Í) in 2012 and a master degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2015. Einarsson is currently based in Antwerp, where he co-founded ABC Klubhuis, an exhibition space running since 2017.

His work is often light and humorous, focusing inward rather than outward. Reflecting on psychological situations, Einarsson often uses the body as an allegory for various mental forces. Through tongue and cheek, he explores personhood and human interaction, be it external or internal.

Recent exhibitions include Góðan dag og nótt, Harbinger, Iceland (2018); Zalige dromen, ABC Klubhuis, Antwerp, Belgium (2018); Dixy night, De Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2018); Honky Tonk, ABC Klubhuis, Antwerp, Belgium (2017); For granted, Hole of the fox, Antwerp, Belgium (2016); Zwarte gat, 252CC, Ekeren, Belgium (2016); and Belneluxflute, Lateral artspace, Cluj-Napoca, Romania (2016).