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Anna Boghiguian
Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghiguian (Cairo, Egypt, 1946) graduated from the American University in Cairo in economics and political science in 1969, and then studied art under Fouad Kamel in Egypt. She obtained her BFA in visual arts and music from Concordia University, Montreal.

She has held many exhibitions in Egypt, Yemen, France, Greece, and Canada, and has illustrated many books, including editions of Constantine Cavafy and Carnet égyptien by Giuseppe Ungaretti (1998, translated by Philippe Jaccottet) for Fata Morgana, which also published her own book Images of the Nile (2000). She has illustrated Farewell to Alexandria by Harry E. Tzalas (AUC Press, 2000) and created a series of twenty covers for editions of novels by Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz.

Her latest publication is Anna’s Egypt, an artist’s journey (AUC Press, 2003).