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Ambient TV.net

Biography Ambient TV.net
ambientTV.NET is a London based collective that continually develops social and technological infrastructure and encourages network architecture in order to provide alternatives to contemporary socio-political and economic formations. The independent interdisciplinary applications, vary from installation and performance through documentary, dance and gastronomy to sound and visual compositions and real-time manipulation. The techniques and effects of live broadcasts form the theme, medium and performing space for many of the works.

The collective makes for Satellite of Love Ceefax words for both national and international broadcasting channels. In addition, they document themselves using a wall of visual and text collages that belong with their broadcasts. ambientTV.NET also provides a number of installations: Broadbandit Highway (ambientTV.NET), Moment of the Long Now (Juha Huuskonen), Art Broadcasters Unlimited (broadcast projects by British artists, including Pirate Radio Scanner, Rachel Baker/Irational.org) and Hacked Nintendo (Paul B. Davis en Emma Davidson). The umbrella title for these projects is, The Voluptuously Blinking Eye.