Witte de With Contemporary Art
27 May – 31 December 2016

Organized with the particular question “What happens to art after an artist and an institution come into contact?”, WDW25+ sets a growing, living collection in motion; tracing contemporary artistic practice through never before gathered in-house materials and their extended networks at and around Witte de With. Building on its rich exhibition history, extended slowly through material contributions, the collection-in-the-making promises to include primary source material, such as sketches and drawings, from artists and in-house team members, curatorial correspondence, artists’ documents, as well as audio and video recordings of artist talks, lectures, and symposia. The archive’s programmatic component channels the vision of invited artists and their immediate collaborators through commissioned projects titled WDW25+ Commissions and public talks so as to extend the network, community, and life of each specific project. WDW25+ is a staff-wide endeavor with an expanded team that includes archeologist Marjolijn Kok and 2016 Curatorial Fellow Marie Egger.