Do you possess a strong curiosity for contemporary art, together with an interest in other societal and geopolitical affairs? Are you passionate to share your cultural interests and study experiences with other students, and vice versa? And are you currently enrolled as a student in higher education? Then join Studium Witte de With’s Parallel Curriculum.

Starting January 2019, a small, select group of students will team up and create the Studium Witte de With Parallel Curriculum – realising a program bý and fór students, to explore possibilities of exchange and collaboration within higher education and the art field. You and a group of fellow participants will work together on a programme of events offering you the opportunity to further research and develop themes related to your personal educational trajectories.

To apply, candidates are asked to send in a motivation for participating to Parallel Curriculum, including a concept proposal for a theme or topic to explore and develop into a public event in close collaboration with fellow participants. Please specify its relevance to your current or upcoming artistic or academic interests; its public relevance; and your thoughts towards realisticly developing it into a public event (from guest lectures or interactive workshops, to other formats of public programs to generate, contextualize and share knowledge).

Application requirements

  • Available to participate from January to May 2019 (introduction day on Saturday January 12th, regular meetings from then until May on Tuesday afternoons, starting Tuesday 22nd of January – subject to change)
  • Committed to meet on regular basis, every two weeks to weekly on average, for which also induividual and group preparations will be asked regularly
  • Committed to collectively develop and realise multiple educational expressions, initiatives or other event based programs, guided by the Witte de With team, and to take personal responsibility for one of the events led and developed by you
  • You are currently enrolled as a student in higher education, i.e. HBO or University
  • You are interested in contemporary art and current affairs (we do also encourage students with a non-arts background to apply)
  • You are a team-player
  • You take initiative
  • Flexible mind-set and time-wise
  • You write and speak English fluently
  • Your motivation letter and event proposal should be no more than 500 words each.

Studium Witte de With is a collaborative platform for art and theory which is intended to serve as a catalyst bridging various fields of knowledge across higher education. At Witte de With, we think that education programs are collaborative and participatory by nature, as such Studium Witte de With strives towards student collaboration in conceiving and running the Studium program. Parallel Curriculum participants will get the opportunity to gain valuable experience while being part of an international team of art professionals and artists.

Studium Witte de With Parallel Curriculum is an educational program. Please note that participants will therefor not receive financial compensation. Students enrolled at Studium Partners and other higher education programmes can be eligible for academic credit, depending on the academic institution’s regulations.

This call for applications is open until December 10th 2018. Please send your CV and your letter of motivation (including a complete project proposal) to [email protected] with the subject line “Application Studium Witte de With Parallel Curriculum 2019”. Interviews with a selection of candidates will take place on Tuesday 18 December 2018.

For more information please contact the Witte de With Education Department via:

Docus van der Made
[email protected]