Wineke Gartz - 000 VA Auroral Blue

Wineke Gartz – 000 VA Auroral Blue

Wineke Gartz created two collages combining documents from Witte de With’s archive, images of her own work, and other sourced material. As such she transforms the archive into an image stream rather than an organized system. Auras and dissolves, transparencies and layering all add up to dreamlike and haunting images.

Character Is Fate

Character Is Fate

Character Is Fate, a new installation by artist Willem de Rooij, showcases an astrological birth chart Piet Mondrian had made in 1911. A special display system that relates to the solar calendar allows for the birth chart to be illuminated by the sun, best seen from 2.15 pm to 2.30 pm each day.

Art In The Age Of...Energy and Raw Material

Art In The Age Of…Energy and Raw Material

The first framework of the year long program Art In The Age Of… focuses on energy and raw material, and how these phenomena shape, or are narrated by, contemporary artistic practices. Since early times art objects have floated on currents of exchange; drifted with the motion and transformation of raw materials like wheat, minerals, and cotton. How does contemporary art relate to geothermal energy? To oil, gas, or even alternative sources such as the sun? Or could it even fly on rays of cosmic energy?