Do you believe in productive misunderstandings? Does moderation always entail translation? Are you more, or less, defined by geography? A project is a fragment of the future: true or false? If asked, could you explain the difference between moderation and mediation? Without being cynical: aren’t you tired of cynicism? How often, if ever, do you feel manipulated? When you hear “a cross-continental stage for play and production,” does it confound you? Do you believe streams of energy can persist beyond a year’s time? Are you taking pleasure in any of this? Should you? 

Moderation(s) is a long-term program, which started in August 2012 and perches on the two international art institutions that initiated it, namely Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam and Spring Workshop in Hong Kong. Within this framework Heman Chong, a Singaporean artist and writer, was invited to steer the program.

Moderation(s) unfolds over the span of more than a year through different projects including three residencies, a series of performances, a book of short stories, and a conference. Each project installment of Moderation(s) questions or redefines the conditions of creating and producing objects, situations, and stories. The projects are developed independently from one another, yet often naturally inform and shape each other. This open-endedness is also tangible in the absence of a pre-established master plan dictating the course of the Moderation(s) program. Allowing for chance encounters and improvisation to often take the lead, the program reveals itself through its participants more than anything else. Driven by the desire to return to the specific nature of creative processes of production, doing preceded defining.

An overview of projects part of Moderation(s):

The program kicked off with a performative teaser. Presented at Spring, in Hong Kong, Guilty Pleasures by artist Ang Song Ming engaged the assembled audience as participants in the setting of a listening party.

Bibliotheek (Library)
is a list of books that functions both as a bibliography for Moderation(s), as well as a temporary physical library. All participants to Moderations(s) are invited to suggest books, creating an ever-expanding common library that can be replicated easily by any individual, community, or institution. You are welcome to download the latest version of Bibliotheek (Library) here.

During their residency at Spring, curatorial duo Latitudes produced Incidents of Travel  for which the duo invited artists including Ho Sin Tung, Yuk King Tan, Nadim Abbas, and Samson Young to develop day-long tours that articulate the city of Hong Kong and their artistic practice through routes and waypoints.

Performances by artists including Mette Edvardsen, Anthony Marcellini, Eszter Salamon, Benjamin Seror, and Koki Tanaka took place in and around Witte de With during A Thing At A Time. Alongside the programmed performances Director of Performa RoseLee Goldberg gave a talk and writer Guy Mannes-Abbott was invited as a witness to reflect upon the two-day program.

For A Fictional Residency, Dutch novelist Oscar van den Boogaard was invited as writer-in-residence at Spring. During his stay in Hong Kong Van den Boogaard and Hong Kong based Nadim Abbas (visual artist), Enoch Cheng (director and writer), Doretta Lau (journalist), and Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix, (together architectural duo MAP Office) each wrote a short story exploring the role of fiction within their respective practices.

Stories And Situations is a day-long conference where discourse and objecthood are the quintessential subject matters. For this, invited curators Lee Ambrozy, Amira Gad, Christina Li and Xiaoyu Weng worked in collaboration with moderator Heman Chong. All lectures and interventions part of the conference have been video recorded and are available online here.

A Constructed World produced The Social Contract at Spring, a work in which the audience is asked to sign a legal contract restraining them from speaking about what they saw inside the exhibition.

The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part Of Something Else
is a group exhibition at Witte de With which deals with the transmissive qualities of objects, situations, and storytelling, where one is soluble into the others. Including works by over forty artists, the formal relations between these three vehicles of mediation are rendered visible in the exhibition.

In speaking about this project, Moderator Heman Chong proposes “to make ‘soft’ the practices of both artist and curator, so that one becomes easily soluble in the other, while retaining their unique forms and patterns of working. The participants will be encouraged to indulge in the pleasures of exchanging knowledge and tools without any pressure to collaborate.”

Moderation(s) is steered by artist and writer Heman Chong, initiated by Witte de With’s Director Defne Ayas in collaboration with Spring Workshop Founder and Director Mimi Brown, and developed together with Samuel Saelemakers (Associate Curator Witte de With)

The project is made possible in part with support by AMMODO. The research part of Moderation(s) in 2012 was supported by a Mondriaan Fund (Research & Development) grant.


About the participants
A Constructed World A Constructed World (founded 1993) is the collaborative project of Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva. They have made solo exhibitions and performances in museums and art centres including the Ian Potter Museum of Art, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, FRAC Champagne-Ardenne, Reims en Cneai, Chatou, (all in 2012); La Ferme du Buisson, Noisiel, (2011); Villa Arson, Nice (2010); CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art, Bordeaux (2008); and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2007). They have participated in group exhibitions at the Musée de l’Objet, Blois, Micro Onde, Vélizy-Villacoublay, FRAC des Pays de la Loire, La Garenne Lemot (all 2011), NUS Art Centre, Singapore (2009); and Foundation Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (2008). A Constructed World have participated in a number of biennales including Belleville, Paris (2010), Tirana (2003); Sao Paolo (1998); and Gwangju (1995). They have been the recipients of artist in residence grants from Villa Arson, Nice (2010); Couvent des Récollets, Paris (2007-8), Australia Council, Cité Paris, Paris (2005-6); and the Serpentine Gallery, London (2002).
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Abbas, Nadim Nadim Abbas (b. Hong Kong, 1980) is a Hong Kong-based installation artist. His work explores the intricate role that memory-images play in the intersection between mind and matter. This has culminated in the construction of complex set pieces, where objects exist in an ambiguous relationship with their own image, and bodies succumb to the seduction of space. Abbas studied sculpture (B.A.) at the Chelsea College of Art and Comparative Literature (M.Phil.) at the University of Hong Kong. He currently holds teaching posts at the Hong Kong Art School and City University of Hong Kong. Notable exhibitions and projects include: “No Longer Human”, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong (2012); “Marine Lover”, ARTHK11, Hong Kong (2011); “Cataract”, EXPERIMENTA & Gallery Exit, Hong Kong, “FAX” Para/Site, Hong Kong (both 2010); and “Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation – The Hong Kong Seven”, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong (2009).
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Ambrozy, Lee Lee Ambrozy graduated from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts with a MA in Chinese art history, she is currently a PhD student at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts. Ambrozy edited and translated Ai Weiwei’s Blog (MIT Press, 2011), and is currently editor-at-large of Artforum’s Chinese website.
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Ayas, Defne Defne Ayas (b. Istanbul) is Director of Witte de With | Center for Contemporary Art since January 1st, 2012. She heads to Rotterdam from New York, where she has served as a curator of Performa – the visual art performance biennial of New York City – since 2004, and from Shanghai, where she has acted as a co-founding director of Arthub Asia – a contemporary art initiative devoted to art creation and exchange across Asia – since 2007. Ayas was also a faculty member of contemporary art and new media at the New York University in Shanghai for the past five years. Prior to joining Arthub Asia and Performa, she coordinated the New York-based New Museum of Contemporary Art’s public and new media programming. Ayas has recently served as a curatorial advisor to the 8th Shanghai Biennale (China), and as a publication advisor to the 8th Gwangju Biennale (South Korea) in 2010. Defne Ayas completed De Appel Curatorial Programme in Amsterdam and received her Masters degree from ITP – Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.
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Bik Van der Pol Liesbeth Bik and Jos Van der Pol have worked collaboratively since 1995 as Bik Van der Pol. They live and work in Rotterdam. Bik Van der Pol explore the potential of art to produce and transmit knowledge. Their working method is based on co-operation and research methods of how to activate situations as to create a platform for various kinds of communicative activities. They often work on location, use, reuse and reactivate the work of others—be they from the world of art, journalism, media or history—and confront the visitors with situations in which they themselves have the last word. Recent work include the performances What if the moon were just a jump away? (2013), Biennale of Mercosul, Porto Alegre; Not all those who wander are lost (2013) Hoog Catherijne, Utrecht; the collaborative project Between A Rock and A Hard Place (2011) in Sudbury and the Frieze project accumulate, collect, show (2011) at the Frieze Art Fair, London. They are currently the course directors of the School of Missing Studies at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. 
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Boogaard, Oscar van den Oscar van den Boogaard (1964) is a novelist and curator. He grew up in the Netherlands and Suriname and studied law and French language and literature in Montpellier, Amsterdam and Brussels. After a short time working at an international law firm, he chose to be a fulltime writer. Since his 1990 debut he has published many novels and plays which received international praise. In 1995 van den Boogaard founded Mot & van den Boogaard gallery together with Jan Mot in Brussels. He left the gallery in 2000 and since then occasionally works as a curator. On his left shoulder van den Boogaard has a tattoo GUILTY (in mirror writing), a work by artist Douglas Gordon. In 2002 the Guggenheim Museum in New York acquired a photograph of this tattoo. Since 2011 van den Boogaard is artistic director of the HISK in Ghent, Belgium.
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Brown, Mimi Mimi Brown is the founder and director of Spring Workshop in Hong Kong, a non-profit art space dedicated to enabling the artistic process. She is a dedicated supporter of the arts community in Hong Kong, and serves as a director of Asia Art Archive and an advisor to Para/Site Art Space. Before moving to Hong Kong in 2005, Mimi Brown worked in music in New York, as well as for several non-profits in Rome and California. She holds a B.A. in Music and Comparative Religion from Harvard College and an M.B.A. from Stanford University Graduate School of Business.
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Castriota, Brian Brian Castriota is an Andrew W. Mellon Fellow in art history and conservation at the Institute of Fine Arts - New York University, currently completing advanced training in the artifacts conservation department of the National Museums Scotland. He has interned in the conservation departments of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Cloisters, and Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery; he also works as an archaeological conservator at excavations in Turkey, Sicily, and Egypt. His current research focuses on the conservation of late-twentieth century video installation art, examining the impact of age value, patina, and integrity-based interpretations of authenticity on conservation decision-making. His more broad research interests include aspects of conservation theory and ethical issues related to damage, destruction, and intentionality.
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Cheng, Enoch Enoch Cheng is a director, writer and currently Programmes Manager at Asia Art Archive. Graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in English Literature and History of Art, he has made his debut short film in 2011. Focusing on ordinary subtleties in urban lives through mundane conversations, his two short films Queen's Encounter (2011) and Before Friday (2012) have been screened in Udine Far East Film Festival, Italy (2013), Fresh Wave Short Film Competition, Hong Kong (Finalist, Open Division, 2012), IFVA, Hong Kong (Finalist, Open Division, 2012), The World Film Festival of Bangkok (2012), the Taipei Frank Festival (2011), the 'A Wan Chai Odyssey', Hong Kong & Shenzhen (2011), and in the exhibition 'Simbiose', Associacao Cultural Cecilia, Sao Paulo (2012). His theatre production Fishy Stories, supported by Hong Kong Art Development Council's Emerging Artist Grant was performed in spring, 2013. His latest film I Hope You Don't Mind (2013) was made during 'Paper Rain', Art Parade curated by Arto Lindsay at Hong Kong edition of Art Basel.
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Chong, Heman Heman Chong is an artist, curator and writer. His art practice involves an investigation into the philosophies, reasons and methods of individuals and communities imagining the future. Charged with a conceptual drive, this research is then adapted into objects, images, installations, situations or texts. The artist has developed solo exhibitions at Rossi & Rossi (London), SOTA Gallery (Singapore), NUS Museum (Singapore), Kunstverein Milano (Milan), Motive Gallery (Amsterdam), Hermes Third Floor (Singapore), Vitamin Creative Space (Guangzhou), Art In General (New York), Project Arts Centre (Dublin), Ellen de Bruijne Projects (Amsterdam), The Substation (Singapore), Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin), Sparwasser HQ (Berlin). His work has also been shown extensively in group exhibitions including San Francisco Asian Art Museum, Kumho Museum of Art, Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Kroeller-Muller Museum, Stedelijk Museum Bureau, Nam June Paik Art Center, Gertrude Contemporary, Arnolfini, Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, Hamburger Bahnhof, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Kadist Art Foundation, Daejeon Museum of Art.
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Edvardsen, Mette The work of Mette Edvardsen is situated within the performing arts field, also exploring other media or other formats such as video and writing. She has worked for several years as a dancer and performer for Les Ballets C. de la B. with Hans Van den Broeck (1996-2000) and Christine de Smedt (2000-2005), and danced in pieces by Thomas Hauert/ ZOO (B), Bock/ Vincenzi (UK), Mårten Spångberg (S), Lynda Gaudreau (CAN), deepblue (N/B), and others. She created and produced two pieces in collaboration with Lilia Mestre (P/B), and the project Sauna in Exile in collaboration with Heine R. Avdal, Liv Hanne Haugen and Lawrence Malstaf in 2002/2004. She choreographed and danced a version of Thomas Lehmen's Schreibstück together with Christine de Smedt and Mårten Spångberg in 2004. Her own work includes the pieces Private collection (2002), Time will show (detail) 2004, Opening (2005/ 2006), The way/ you move (installation, 2006), or else nobody will know (2007), every now and then (2009), Time has fallen asleep in the afternoon sunshine (2010), Black (2011), and the video works Stills (2002), coffee (2006), cigarette (2008) and Faits divers (2008). She presents her works internationally and continues to develop projects with other artists, both as a collaborator and as a performer.
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Fitzpatrick, Chris Chris Fitzpatrick is the director of Objectif Exhibitions in Antwerp, where he developed a four-year program of simultaneous and overlapping solo exhibitions, which are presented at differing physical and temporal scales, and with correspondingly different levels of mediation. Fitzpatrick has curated exhibitions and events internationally, including: VEERLE, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin (2013-14); the San Francisco Pavilion, 9th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai (2012); and the Present Future section, Artissima 18, Turin (2011). His writing has been published in SpikePazmakerNeroMousseFillip, CuraThe Baltic Notebooks of Anthony BluntArt Papers, exhibition catalogues, and books.
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Goldberg, RoseLee RoseLee Goldberg is the founding Director and Curator of Performa, as well as an art historian, critic, and curator whose book Performance Art: From Futurism to the Present, first published in 1979, pioneered the study of performance art. Former Director of the Royal College of Art Gallery in London and Curator at The Kitchen in New York, she is also the author of Performance: Live Art Since 1960 (1998) and Laurie Anderson (2000), and is a frequent contributor to Artforum and other publications. In 2004, she founded Performa, a non-profit arts organization committed to the research, development and presentation of performance by visual artists from around the world, and launched New York’s first performance Biennial, Performa 05 (2005), followed by Performa 07 (2007), and Performa 09 (2009), and Performa 11 (2011). Since 1987, Goldberg has taught at New York University. She is the recipient of the Agnes Gund Curatorial Award (2010) and a Chevalier of the Order of Arts and Letters from the French Government (2006).
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Latitudes Latitudes is an independent curatorial office initiated in April 2005 by Max Andrews (b. Bath, 1975) and Mariana Cánepa Luna (b. Montevideo, 1977), that works in an international context from and in Barcelona, Spain. It initiates and develops contemporary art projects in association with institutions and collaborates with artists in productions encompassing a range of organisational forms and scales: genres of display and presentation; editorial practice and publication; forms of assembly, hosting and programming; as well as theoretical and interpretative contexts. Recent projects include “Lawrence Weiner – The Crest of a Wave”, Fundació Suñol, Barcelona (2008); “Portscapes”, Rotterdam (2009) and “No Soul For Sale: A Festival of Independents”, X Initiative, New York, and Tate Modern, London, (2009 and 2010). Latitudes was a partner organisation in “The Last Newspaper” at the New Museum, New York (2010–11), and was the guest curator of “Amikejo”, MUSAC, León (2011).
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Latronico, Vincenzo Vincenzo Latronico is a writer and translator living in Berlin. His novels and theater are published in Italy by Bompiani. He has translated works by Hanif Kureishi, P.G. Wodehouse and Francis Scott Fitzgerald and is currently working on an Italian edition of the stories of Donald Barthelme. He curated a literary section at the Artissima fair and taught art writing at NABA academy in Milan; his writing has appeared on frieze, Kaleidoscope and Rolling Stone.
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Lau, Doretta Doretta Lau is a journalist covering contemporary art, music, literature, and film for Artforum, South China Morning Post, The Wall Street Journal Asia, and Bazaar Art Hong Kong. She completed an MFA in Writing at Columbia University. While in New York, she was an editorial assistant for NOON, a literary annual edited by Diane Williams. Her fiction and poetry have appeared in the Canadian and American journals Event, Grain Magazine, Prairie Fire, PRISM International, RicePaper, sub-TERRAIN, and Zen Monster. She splits her time between Vancouver and Hong Kong, where she is working on a novel and a screenplay. In 2014, her short story collection 'How Does a Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun?' will be published by Nightwood Editions.
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Lee, Michael Michael Lee is an artist and curator based in Berlin and Singapore. He researches urban memory and fiction, especially the contexts and implications of loss. His solo exhibitions include: “M-trospective: Michael Lee's First Decade 2001-2011”, Studio Bibliothèque, Singapore (2012); “A Psychotaxonomy of Home”, Baba House, Singapore (2008) and “When a Body Meets a Building”, Alliance Francaise de Singapour, Singapore (2004). He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in 2012, including: “The 3rd Kuandu Biennale”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, “There Can Be No Better World”, Museum of Contemporary Art & Design, Manila, and “What a Wonderful World”, Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima. His curatorial projects include Between, Beside, Beyond: Daniel Libeskind's Reflections and Key Works 1989-2014 (Singapore Art Museum, 2007), and his editorial projects include Who Cares: 16 Essays on Curating in Asia (2010) and Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway (2008).
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Lester, Gabriel Gabriel Lester (b. 1972, The Netherlands) is an artist based in Shanghai and Amsterdam. He has studied cinema and fine arts in Breda, Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm and New York between 1994 and 2006. His earlier work is largely comprised of prose and electronic music. After his studies in cinema his practice adopted a cinematographic aspect, embracing media the time and space, narrative and a tension span. He has exhibited internationally with solo exhibitions including Suspension of Disbelief, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (2011); Dilzisi, Rodea Gallery, Istanbul (2010); The Last Smoking Flight, Gallery FonsWelters, Rotterdam (2009). He has also exhibited in numerous group shows, such as Sharjah Biennale (2013), Venice biennale (2013), Documenta 12 (2012), Secret Societies, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt (2011); The Prompt, Performa 09 Biennial, New York (2009).
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Li, Christina Christina Li is an independent curator and writer based in Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Until recently, she was involved with the research and project management of the FORMER WEST project. Li was responsible for the debut of SKOR (Stichting Kunst en Openbare Ruimte, Amsterdam)'s public programme: Actors, Agents and Attendants: Speculations on the Cultural Organisation of Civility (2010) and curating the accompanying artist projects and film programme. She has previously worked as a Curator of Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong) and was the assistant curator of Making (Perfect) World: Harbour, Hong Kong, Alienated Cities and Dreams, the Hong Kong Participation of the 53rd Venice Biennale. She graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a degree in Fine Arts (Art History) and Comparative Literature and completed de Appel Curatorial Programme in 2009.
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Mannes-Abbott, Guy Guy Mannes-Abbott is a writer who lives and works in London, UK. He is the author of a singular series of texts, poems, stories and aphorisms called e.things, which have been exhibited, published and performed alongside the work of leading British and International artists. The longest in this series is his highly-acclaimed In Ramallah, Running (London 2012), while the latest is his contribution to End Note(s) (Rotterdam/Hong Kong 2015). Mannes-Abbott participated in Moderation(s) at Witte de With (Rotterdam, 2013) and collaborated with the Bombay-based collective CAMP on a film, The Country of the Blind, and Other Stories for the Folkestone Triennial 2011. He has written catalogue essays on visual art and lectured in architectural theory at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. His critical journalism has appeared in The Independent, The Guardian, New Statesman, Harpers & Queen, Third Text, Bidoun and Ibraaz. Recent publications include an essay on the work of Emily Jacir for Archival Dissonance (London 2015), a short story for Drone Fiction (Dubai 2013) and an Introduction to Mourid Barghouti’s Midnight and Other Poems (London 2008).
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MAP Office MAP Office is a multidisciplinary platform devised by Laurent Gutierrez and Valérie Portefaix. This duo of artists/architects has been based in Hong Kong since 1996, working on physical and imaginary territories using varied means of expression including drawing, photography, video, installations, performance, and literary and theoretical texts. Their entire project forms a critique of spatio- temporal anomalies and documents how human beings subvert and appropriate space. Humour, games, and fiction are also part of their approach, in the form of small publications providing a further format for disseminating their work.
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Marcellini, Anthony Anthony Marcellini is an artist and writer. His practice examines the social relationships of seemingly disparate things: objects, artworks, individuals, historical events or natural phenomena. Through absurdist acts, suspensions of belief or metaphysical postulations, he levels the divisions between the natural and constructed world by creating a more horizontal space where these entities can communicate with each other. His work has been exhibited internationally at museums, galleries and art institutions, including Apex Art, New York City; Kunsthall Fridericianum, Kassel; Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York City; Deitch Projects, New York City; The Soap Factory, Minneapolis; San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery: Sequences Art Festival, Reykjavik; Etc. Gallerie, Prague; Gagnef Festival, Sweden; Skulpturengarten Strombad Kritzendorf, Vienna, amongst others. Upcoming in 2012/2013, he will exhibit at Galerie Edouard Manet, Centre d'art contemporain de Gennevilliers, Paris, as well as have solo exhibitions at Wilkinson Gallery, London (with collaborator Heman Chong) and Göteborgs Konsthall, Gothenburg.
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Normand, Vincent Vincent Normand is a writer and curator living in Paris. His curatorial projects include the exhibitions Sinking Islands (LABOR, Mexico City, 2012) and Fun Palace (Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2010), The Sirens’ Stage (David Roberts Art Foundation, London, 2010), Le Stade des Sirènes (Kadist Art Foundation, Paris, 2010), and Lo stato delle sirene (Nomas Foundation, Rome, 2010). He is co-director of Glass Bead, a forthcoming journal and international research laboratory, and his texts are published in various collective publications and magazines. His current researches focus on relocating the history of exhibitions in the broader field of a history of observation.
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Orr, Rosemary Rosemary Orr is Senior Tutor and Lecturer in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences at University College Utrecht. Orr teaches on Language and the Mind; Speech Production and Perception, Gender and Culture, Categorical Perception, and Speech Intelligibility in Non-native Speech. Her current research focusses on Acoustic Phonetics. Orr holds a BA Two-subject moderatorship German and History and a M. Phil Linguistics from Trinity College Dublin and a Ph.D. Voice Source Analysis from the Radboud University, Nijmegen.
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Pages, Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi founded Pages in 2004, a collaboration that encompasses various joint projects and the production of a bilingual magazine in Farsi and English titled 'Pages'. Their projects and the magazine's editorial approach are closely linked, both described by the artists as "attempts in articulating the indecisive space between art and its historical condition." Their work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions internationally, including: Seep, Chisenhale Gallery, London, Two Archives, Tensta Konsthall, Stockholm (both 2013); Seep, MACBA-Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona, Prairies, Les Ateliers de Rennes Biennial, Rennes, ROUNDTABLE ,The 9th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju (all 2012);  Untitled 12th Istanbul Biennial, Turkey, Two Archives, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe, Germany, Melanchotopia, Witte de With, Rotterdam, (all 2011); Trust, Media City, Seoul (2010); The Isle, MAK Center / Schindler house, Los Angeles (2009); Documenta 12 magazine project, Kassel, Germany (2007); and Como viver junto, 27th São Paulo Biennial, Brazil (2006). Tabatabai and Afrassiabi live in Rotterdam and work both in the Netherlands and Iran. Currently they are Advising Researchers Fine Art at the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
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Rehberg, Vivian Sky Vivian Sky Rehberg is an art historian and critic and Course Director of the Master of Fine Art at the Piet Zwart Institute. She obtained her PhD in art history in 2000 from Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois, U.S.A.). Based in Paris since the late 1990s, Rehberg worked as a curator, writer, translator and educator in France before moving to Rotterdam in February 2012. Rehberg is a contributing editor of frieze magazine and publishes widely on contemporary art and artists.
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Saelemakers, Samuel Samuel Saelemakers is Associate Curator at Witte de With since 2012. He holds an MA in Philosophy from the University of Antwerp and an MA in Art Philosophy and Aesthetics from Université Paris IV-Sorbonne. From August 2012 to August 2014, Saelemakers worked on Moderation(s), a long-term project by Heman Chong, unfolding between Witte de With, Rotterdam and Spring Workshop, Hong Kong. As part of this program he curated together with Chong the exhibition The Part In The Story Where A Part Becomes A Part Of Something Else. In 2013 he co-organized an international research symposium on Speculative Art Histories, in collaboration with Erasmus University’s Centre for Art and Philosophy. Prior to joining Witte de With he was research assistant to the curator Jean-Hubert Martin and project assistant at SAM Art Projects, Paris.  
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Salamon, Eszter Eszter Salamon is a Hungarian choreographer, dancer and performer. Her work has been widely presented in Europe and Asia. She is the author of solos What A Body You Have, Honey (2001), Giszelle (2001) created with Xavier Le Roy and the group works Reproduction (2004), Hungarian Dances (2005), Nvsbl (2006), AND THEN (2007) and Without You I Am Nothing (2007) with Arantxa Martinez. Her recent works are Dance#1/Driftworks (2008) and Dance #2 (2011) in collaboration with Christine De Smedt, Dance for Nothing (2010), TALES OF THE BODILESS (2011) with Bojana Cvejic, Cédric Dambrain and Terre Thaemlitz. Her latest solo performance Melodrama was presented during Berlin Documentary Forum 2 in Berlin, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, in June 2012. Her work in music theatre includes assistance to the opera Theater der Wiederholungen (2003) by Bernhard Lang staged by Xavier Le Roy at Steirischer Herbst Festival, Graz and staging the music of Karim Haddad in the frame of the project Seven attempted escapes from Silence (2005) at Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin.
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Seror, Benjamin In Benjamin Seror’s (born Lyon, 1979) performances, where speech is the principal subject and tool, the artist often narrates long improvised stories inspired by a mix of phantoms of literature, art history and everyday adventures. The stories he tells often lead the audience far into the heart of the Inferno or to dancing all night long to the delicate sound of the Perfect Kiss by New Order. Also a musician, Seror plays different instruments, backing up his narratives with emotive songs that switch modes of language, underlining the complexity of what it can do. Recently, he played Performances in ICA Philadelphia,Théâtre National de Chaillot, Paris, le Plateaux, Frac île de France, Bétonsalon, and Palais de Tokyo and particpate to the collectives exhibitions, Mindaugas, 11th Baltic Trienniale, This is not an art show either, Fabric el Coats, Barcelona, curated by David G. Torres, A terrible beauty is born, Lyon biennale, 2011, Curated by Victoria Noorthoorn, Run Comrade, the old world is behind you, Kunsthall Olso, curated by Will Bradley, Repetition Island at Centre George Pompidou, Paris and The clifford Irving Show at Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, both curated by Raimundas Malasauskas, Basket not basket, curated by Elfi Turpin at Jousse Entreprise Gallery.
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Sin Tung, Ho Ho Sin Tung was born in Hong Kong and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Chinese University in Hong Kong. Now a full-time artist based in Hong Kong because she doesn't have any part-time job. Sin Tung’s recent work predominantly uses pencil, graphite and watercolour in combination with found and ready-made images - such as stickers, maps, charts, rubber-stamps and timelines. These are reinterpreted to narrate stories of places, relationships and periods of time often within a considered, objective historical setting.

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Tan, Yuk King Yuk King Tan (China/New Zealand) is an artist who lives and works in Hong Kong, negotiating issues such as bi-cultural and multi-cultural identity within a constantly evolving post-colonial society. Her work, which includes detailed drawings in ash and smoke residue, exploding fire cracker installations, photographs taken from rockets, and a giant cardboard HSBC lion pushed through the streets of Hong Kong, is often poetic and frequently suggestive, connecting highly different subject-matters and mediums. The meta-themes in the artist’s work unveil interests in cultural delineations, global migration, and a personal relationship to world-defining issues such as value and economy. Yuk King Tan has had major solo and group exhibitions, most notably at the Camden Arts Centre, London; Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, Aachen; Museum Fridericianum, Kassel; Kunstverein, Hamburg; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; Wellington City Gallery, New Zealand; Hong Kong Arts Centre; and Artists Space, New York. She has held residencies at Dunedin, New Plymouth, Queensland, Aachen, Sydney, and London and has participated in international biennials in Queensland, Vilnius, Auckland, and São Paulo. She graduated from Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland University, New Zealand in 1993. She has taught and lectured at graduate and post-graduate art schools. She currently lives and works in Hong Kong.
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Tanaka, Koki Koki Tanaka (born Japan, 1975) currently lives and works in Los Angeles. In his diverse art practice spanning video, photography, site-specific installation, and interventional projects, Koki Tanaka visualizes and reveals the multiple contexts latent in the most simple of everyday acts. In his recent projects he documents the behavior unconsciously exhibited by people confronting unusual situations, e.g. a haircut given by nine hair stylists or a piano played by five pianists simultaneously, in an attempt to show an alternative side to things that we usually overlook in everyday living. He has shown widely: the Hammer Museum(Los Angeles), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), the Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), the Palais de Tokyo (Paris), the Taipei Biennial 2006 (Taipei), the Gwangju Biennial 2008 (Gwangju), the Asia Society (New York), the Yokohama Triennale 2011 (Yokohama). He will represent Japan at the 2013 Venice Biennale.
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Weng, Xiaoyu Xiaoyu Weng is a curator and writer. She has organized exhibitions and events for venues including the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (San Francisco), Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, Queens Nails Projects (San Francisco) and the Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai). Her essay “Working with Archive” was the winning entry of the Artforum Critical Writing Award in 2011. Weng runs a column for the bimonthly journal Art Time (Beijing). Her writing has appeared in publications such as Artforum Online, Journal of Curatorial Studies, and Leap, and exhibition catalogues such as the 5th Auckland Triennial, Gwangju Biennale 2012, and 7th Shenzhen Sculpture Biennale, among others. In addition to her independent endeavors, Weng is Curator of Asia Programs at the Kadist Art Foundation in San Francisco.
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Young, Samson Samson Young (b.1979) is a composer, sound artist and media artist. Young received training in computer music and composition at Princeton University under the supervision of computer music pioneer Paul Lansky. He is currently an assistant professor in sonic art and physical computing at the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong. Young is also the principle investigator at the Laboratory for Ubiquitous Musical Expression (L.U.M.E), and artistic director of the experimental sound advocacy organization Contemporary Musiking. In 2007, he became the first from Hong Kong to receive the Bloomberg Emerging Artist Award for his audio-visual project “The Happiest Hour”. His brainwave non-performance “I am thinking in a room, different from the one you are hearing in now” received a Jury Selection award at the Japan Media Art Festival, and an honorary mention at the digital music and sound art category of Prix Ars Electronica. Festival presentations and honors include: Prix Ars Electronica (Austria 2012); Japan Media Art Festival (Japan 2012); Sydney Springs International New Music Festival (Australia 2001), the Canberra International Music Festival (Australia 2008), ISCM World Musid Days (Australia 2010), MONA FOMA Festival of Music and Art (2011); the Bowdoin International Music Festival (US 2004), Bang on a Can Music Summer Music Festival (US 2005), Perspectives International Festival of Media Art (US 2009); Internationales Musikinstitut Darmstadt (Germany 2006); Dark Music Days (Iceland 2008); Kuala Lumpur Contemporary Music Festival (Malaysia 2009); amongst others. His music received performances by Hong Kong Sinfonietta, New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, London NASH Ensemble, City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Bang on a Can and summer institute fellows, Network for New Music, New Millennium Ensemble, SO Percussion, Sydney Song Company, Hong Kong New Music Ensemble, MIVOS Quartet, among others.
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Zeqo, Arnisa Arnisa Zeqo studied history of art and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam. Together with Laurie Cluitmans she recently organized the exhibition 'He Disappeared Into Complete Silence: Re-reading a Single Artwork by Louise Bourgeois' at Museum De Hallen Haarlem. She is co-founder of RONGWRONG, a small art space situated in the ground floor of her house in Amsterdam.
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About the collaborators
Spring Workshop Spring is a non-profit arts space committed to an international cross-disciplinary program of artist and curatorial residencies, exhibitions, music, film and talks. Anchored in the Wong Chuk Hang industrial neighborhood of Hong Kong and opened in its current layout in August 2012, Spring serves as a platform and laboratory for exchange between the vibrant artists and organizations that define Hong Kong’s rich cultural landscape and the emerging and established artists and organizations around the world that seek to engage in far-reaching dialogue.
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