Lulu Ratna, Bus Kota / City Bus , 2003, video still

An Encounter
The Netherlands and Indonesia are inextricably connected because of their history. Many Dutch people and Indonesians still have personal memories of the direct links with the colonial society that the Netherlands imposed on Indonesia.
Karel Doing and Lulu Ratna met each other in Jakarta while Doing was carrying out research for his film Een ontdekkingreis naar Tarakan (A journey to Tarakan). Lulu Ratna, who supports independent film in Indonesia with her organization Boemboe, introduced Doing to the relatively new independent group of filmmakers and video artists who are active in Indonesia.
A period of intensive collaboration and exchange of materials and ideas between Lulu Ratna and Karel Doing ensued. In 2003 they organized a film festival in Amsterdam and Rotterdam called “Indonesia Calling!”, with films and videos by independent Indonesian directors.

Karel Doing and Lulu Ratna worked together on a video installation, titled Connections, for Witte de With. Using video fragments and e-mail, they have corresponded about their day-to-day activities and work over recent months. What linked them was their shared interest in movement and traveling by public transport, and the coincidental encounters that take place there. Karel Doing found old footage of the Nederlandse Indische Spoorwegen (Dutch Railways) in Indonesia in the Filmmuseum, and integrated it in the installation. The video installation Connections is about the visible and hidden relations between the two countries, the personal and more universal similarities and differences. Pierre Bastien made the sound installation.

Video library
Besides the installation Connections there is a library of videos in Witte de With, mostly by Indonesian makers, for the public to browse. From his first encounters with Indonesian independent film- and videomakers, Doing was impressed by the high quality of their work, often realized with a minimum of means. Despite the immense social and economic problems that the country has to deal with, the makers strive to create a personal space with their work and to build up a network. Artists? initiatives such as Ruangrupa and more activism-orientated collectives such as Off Stream work alongside each other. Lulu Ratna made a selection of work for the video archive: an initial sketch to chart the diverse methodologies of Indonesian film- and videomakers.
With works by: Ariani Darmawan, Dimas Jayasrana, Forum Lenteng, Lulu Ratna, Wisnumurti, Tintin Wulia, Yufik, Andibachtiar Yusuf, Oliver Zwink.
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About the participants
Darmawan, Ade "Visual culture is infused with re-presentations of life, mechanically, technologically and digitally produced images of life. As consumers of this abundance of images, "we" run the risk of finding ourselves gradually belonging to a globalized scheme of construc-ted identities, leaving "us" with the illusion of being together." Ade Darmawan Ade Darmawan. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia. Studied in Indonesian Art Institute, Yogyakarta and Rijksakademie Van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Mainly works on drawing, objects, installation, public art and situational works. Published a Core comic? comic magazine, in Yogyakarta in 1995. In January 2000, with five other Jakarta based artists seting up the artists initiative called Ruangrupa. Now living and working in Jakarta.
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Doing, Karel Biography Karel Doing (Canberra, Australia, 1965) Karel Doing (b. Canberra, 1965) studied at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Arnhem [Arnhem Academy for the Arts]. Immediately after graduation he established Studio één, a low-budget workshop for experimental and independent filmmakers. Here he produced his first Super 8 and 16mm film experiments and collaborated with many filmmakers and artists from the Netherlands and abroad. In the 1990s he traveled extensively throughout Europe with programs of short films. He produced two episode films (Vitaal Filmen on Super 8 and Rainbow Stories on 16mm) and collaborated with performance groups such as Loophole Cinema (UK) and Metamkine (France). He produced performances as well as films with the sound artist Pierre Bastien. Since 1999 his attention has shifted towards documentary film, without forgetting his experimental background.
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Pijnappel, Pablo Pablo Pijnappel (Paris, France, 1979) Pablo Pijnappel lives and works in Amsterdam and Berlin.
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Pilar, Steve Biography Steve Pilar Member of Off Stream, Jakarta, founded on March 14, 2001 by journalists, film-makers, photographers, intellectuals and individuals who have strong commitments on promoting, documenting and producing multiculturalism documentary video/film and photography.
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Ratna, Lulu Biography Lulu Ratna (Jakarta, Indonesia, 1972) Lulu Ratna (b. Jakarta, 1972) studied anthropology at the University of Indonesia. Since then she has worked as festival manager for the Jakarta International Film Festival (1999) and in 2000 she established the Kofiden Foundation, which supports the interests of independent film- and videomakers in Indonesia. She organized the Indonesian Independent Film-Video Festival from 2000 to 2002 and worked as a freelance film-event organizer for the Goethe Institute in Jakarta. Ratna has been invited to serve as programmer of Indonesian film for various international short-film festivals, including those in Oberhausen (2001) and Tampere, Finland (2002), and she was a member of the jury for the ?No Budget Competition? at the Hamburg International Short Film Festival [2003]. In 2003 she organized a small Indonesian film festival, ?Indonesia Calling!?, in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, together with Karel Doing. In 2003 she also established Boemboe distribution for Indonesian Short Film where she is working full time until now. She was recently awarded a bursary by the Asian Cultural Council in New York to attend an intensive course in Arts Management. Her first documentary, The City Bus (2003), was selected for the Singapore International Film Festival 2004.
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