Architect Merve Bedir, brings her work as on the intersection of architecture, urbanism and research to bear on the Eric Baudelaire’s exhibition, providing a new reading of the works on show, in which architecture and the environment plays a central role.

Merve Bedir is invited to interpret, critique, analyse, translate, and disrupt the very choices and methodologies deployed in the exhibition The Music of Ramón Raquello and his Orchestra by Eric Baudelaire. She will respond to the exhibition drawing from her own background and interests, opening up the documents and works on view to new interpretations and perspectives.

It is advised that visitors, when able, watch the long-form films Also Known As Jihadi and The Anabasis… ahead of the tour.

Limited attendance, tickets required.

Every Friday evening is Kunstavond. We are open until 9 pm and from 6 to 9 pm there is no entrance fee.