You are rooted in Rotterdam or its vicinity and committed to working in the field of culture. You are interested in working at an institution that has been at the forefront in presenting global contemporary art and cultural debates that concern our present. You have experience in artistic production, in cultural programming, in community organizing and/or in conducting curatorial research. You realize and/or encourage projects that aim for social inclusion. You are a natural "networker" and a good communicator, who has verbal and written command in Dutch and English. You have a flexible schedule and can administer your time efficiently. You consider yourself a person who is both self-directed and collaborative. You take initiative and can cope with responsibility. You are curious, creative, and open-minded. You have the will and skill to make projects happen in the best way possible, so that these may be publicly experienced and widely enjoyed. You trust art's positive and transformative role in society.


The Curator of Collective Learning at Witte de With will play a key role in the development and oversight of a new institutional initiative involving art and community engagement. This is a long-term initiative informed by artistic and education research. You will be the primary host of this initiative, which will have a dedicated space at the institution; your role will also require regular visits off-site, in Rotterdam. In this role, you will work closely with the Director of With de With and its Education and Curatorial teams, as well as collaborate with other staff members of the institution. The responsibilities will include participating in the conceptualization and organization of programs; this will thus involve managing a production and events calendar, and also contributing to internal/external communication efforts. In the process, you will engage with artists, curators, mediators, and audiences, as well as help create and foster a community network.


This job posting is for a new, full-time position at Witte de With, with the title Curator of Collective Learning and with an ideal start-date on 23 April 2018. To apply for this position, please send your C.V. along with a cover letter explaining your interest in contemporary art and culture, your talents and skills, as well as your motivations to work at Witte de With. (The letter should not exceed 600 words.) Your application should be sent no later than March 26th via email to [email protected] with the subject line "Application - Curator of Collective Learning".

About Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

Founded in 1990, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art is a public institution in Rotterdam that presents a changing program of art commissions and exhibitions, educational initiatives and publications. Its program considers the places of contemporary art in the present, and the ways it has been experienced in the past. It also imagines the futures contemporary art may be shaped by-and those futures that art and culture in general can come to shape. Since its foundation, the institution has served as a cultural platform for both emerging and established artists, as well as for curators, writers, and art audiences alike, locally and internationally.

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art endorses the Code Cultural Diversity.